Struggling in Trading?

Let My Own Stock Guru (MoSoG) proprietary trade alerts and trade setup help you identify trade opportunities.

We provide alerts that will help you trade in the market direction instead of getting stopped out or taking constant losses.

Continue to read below to learn more how everything works and what it means to you.

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Discord Server

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MoSoG Discord Server
My Own Stock Guru web app


When you sign up with our service, you will receive an invite to our Discord server. In here you will find more information on how it works, links to videos and indicators and templates.

Our alerts will be sent to Discord at the moment our scanners are triggered so the data you see is up to speed with current market data in our trade alert channel.

At the end of the day (around 4:45pm) you will be able to see how our alerts performed and it will display the % (percentage) growth on all of our alerts which includes both options and stocks that are optionable.

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We provide our service through discord and all of our alerts come in via discord and at the same time get published to our web trading app.

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Scan & Alerts

We programmed our scanner and alerts to kick off according to market sentiment, meaning, we find ourselves on the right side of the trades most of the times.

Historical Data

In Discord you will be able to lookback and past alerts and see which one kicks off the most, this could be your favorite scanner and alert.


You as a trader, will have access to all necessary metrics in order to make a informed trading decision and stay away from traps.

Web Trading App

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My Own Stock Guru web application
My Own Stock Guru web app


MoSoG (My Own Trading Guru) Web application will give you even more insight into the trading information in order for you to increase your ability to take the right trade at the right moment.

We constantly continue to develop and enhance our trading application and new features will always be pushed out to our users that subscribed to this feature.

Our trade app also contains a dashboard which we use to track how our alerts are performing and with the help of the data we can make constant improvements to our alerts in order to increase the profitability and accuracy of the alerts, which will directly benefit you as the trader.

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What you see in Discord is also replicated into our web trading app. However, there are more data available in our web trading app, including a chart.

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Scan & Alerts

We constantly review our proprietary scanner and alerts results in order to be able to adjust the scanner and alerts in order to provide higher accuracy in our alerts.

Historical Data

We provide access to 10 days of historical data to provide insight in how successful our scanners and alerts are. We are working on providing up to 3 months of alert performance data in the near future.


Our web trading app provides the ability to look back at previous alerts with performance provided in our dashboard. This is valuable because you will be able to analyze past performace


What People Say About Us

“The alerts received allows me to make better trading decisions with high accuracy, I love these alerts.”

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