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MoSoG Discord Server
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MoSoG Discord

Don't forget that you have access to our Discord server, and this will allow you to see alerts even on your phone.

Our Web Trading App is currently not optimized for mobile phone (will be in the future), so make sure to install Discord on your mobile phone and sign in to see the scanner/alerts and many other features.

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We provide our service through discord and all of our alerts come in via discord and at the same time get published to our dashboard.

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Scan & Alerts

We programmed our scanner and alerts to kick off according to market sentiment, meaning, we find ourselves on the right side of the trades most of the times.

Historical Data

We provide access to 3 months of historical data to provide insight in how successful our scanners and alerts are.


You as a trader, will have access to all necessary metrics in order to make a informed trading decision and stay away from traps.